Tuesday, July 26, 2011

How Sweet!

Just got back in town today and now I can give a BIG shout out to my crafty friend Cely at Hawaii Paper Party who has send these awards!  Thank you!  You're so sweet!

Let's see.....  5 Cricut related things about myself......
1.  I got my Cricut Expression a little over 2 years ago
2.  I use my Gypsy ALL the time
3.  There is no such thing as too many Cricut cartridges
4.  Got my Imagine this spring, and LOVE it!
5.  Still have the E2 on my wish list...  and  the Cricut Mini!

Now to pass along these awards...
Tammy @ http://www.tammyskinner.com/
Jo @ http://idratherbemakingcards.blogspot.com/
Katie @ http://www.craftingwithkatie.com/
Lisa @  http://indymermaid.blogspot.com/
Amy @ http://yorkieluver2.blogspot.com/
Nita @ http://niftynitanotes.blogspot.com/
Renee @ http://icameisawicreated.blogspot.com/
Court @ http://courtscraftcorner.blogspot.com/
Jessica @ http://cricutafterdark.blogspot.com/
Lisa @ http://kaye2222.blogspot.com/

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